J. Butler Reiki

5016 Randall Parkway

Wilmington, NC 28403 

910.599.5120 | [email protected]

Located inside the offices of N2Touch Massage Therapy

                     J. Butler ​Reiki

                                                                 Exp​erience the Energy Within

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Reiki | 60 minutes | $75.00

Reiki, often called palm healing, is a natural healing technique that utilizes  universal life force energy ("Rei" translates to "universe," and "ki" translates to "circulating life force").  As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual and mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain. 

Reiki with Crystals | 60 minutes | $90.00

Crystals have a stable energy pattern, each with their unique frequency that brings the energies around them into harmony. Our bodies, on the contrary, have unstable energy fields that are easily disrupted.  If these disruptions are not brought back into harmony they can result in illness.  Adding crystals to a Reiki session causes these disrupted energies in our body to harmonize resulting in wellness and wellbeing.

Reiki with Guided Meditation | 60 minutes | $90.00

Deepen your relaxation and connection to Reiki energy with a guided meditation.  First, I will guide you to relax your body and mind, to help you reach a state of openness.  During the Reiki session I will bring your awareness to each Chakra and/or healing point we address thereby deepening your connection to Reiki energy flowing through you for your highest good and healing.  Perfect for those with an overly active mind or those with high stress levels.

Ask me about these additional services

  • Distant Reiki - Reiki utilizes the universal life force ener​gy; which knows no boundaries and is always there for us to call upon.  It transcends time and space, allowing Reiki to flow through me to you anywhere in the world.  This can be accomplished through technology such as Zoom or completely "unplugged" for your maximum relaxation.  
  • Pet Reiki - Animals are highly attuned to the life force energy making Reiki a natural and powerful healing modality for our furry friends.
  • Learn Reiki for Self Treatment - Reiki is there for everyone to utilize.  Learn how to give yourself daily self treatments for maximum benefits.  Available in small class settings.