J. Butler Reiki

5016 Randall Parkway

Wilmington, NC 28403 

910.599.5120 | [email protected]

Located inside the offices of Sacred Space

                     J. Butler Reiki

                                                                 Exp‚Äčerience the Energy Within

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Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher
Eleonore Koury of Sacred Ventures & 

Reiki Unleashed

Certified Professional Coach 
Fowler Wainwright International, Inc.  Specializing in Neurolinguistic Communications

Certificate in Meditation
Continuing & Professional Education, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Qigong Healing Practitioner

Eight year student and practitioner 

About Jody

I first became interested in energy work to heal from childhood traumas and overcome an overarching sense of unworthiness and low self esteem.  My journey to become a Reiki practitioner however, was a winding path. In fact, despite the urging of my sister-in-law, I resisted Reiki for many years.  I Focused instead on 1) my Qigong practice; learning the techniques to remove misplaced energy from localized areas of pain and discomfort, and 2) Meditation; developing the ability to calm my "Monkey Mind," and help others to do the same.  I felt certain these modalities, combined with my certification as a Coach was the best way for me to heal myself and help others.  However, despite a certain level of success, my practice felt fractured, broken, disjointed.  Meditation should have flowed seamlessly with Qigong - but it did not.  My coaching training had not prepared me for this.  So when my sister-in-law gifted me a Reiki course as a last ditch effort to join her in this practice I accepted with gratitude and appreciation.  

It was during this first class that I felt something leave me; a coping mechanism that had served me well for many years but was no longer needed.   Practicing Reiki over the following months I had many such experiences.  I was breaking down the scared, sad me to make way for the healthy, happy me.  I became like Kintsugi; me being the broken pottery and Reiki the gold lacquer.  

Kintsugi (golden joinery) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. This unique method celebrates each artifact's unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. In fact, Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with a new look and giving it a second life.

Now my broken past is part of my history. Honoring this history, repairing the broken bits, makes me stronger, more determined, "even more beautiful."

Reiki is now the fundamental practice (the lacquer) that joins my Qigong and Meditation. During a treatment I allow Reiki to flow through me for your highest good as I utilize techniques I learned in Qigong to help alleviate pain, and Meditation to help deepen your relaxation and connection to Reiki.

I look forward to sharing this joyful, healing energy with you.